Developed by the industry for the industry.



Founded on a solid basis

The idea of creating a completely integrated software covering yacht management came from the experience and skills of different professional figures.

Behind IN-YACHT, in fact, there are on the one side superyacht market operators with great experience and knowledge acquired over several years of hard work, and on the other, skilled software developers.

The combination and collaboration between these two different backgrounds has created a great synergy with, as a result, a software that is extremely efficient on the technical side and also extremely client-oriented.

This product did not come from nowhere, but the developers of IN-YACHT started more than ten years ago developing technologies for the shipyard and yachting industry.

That’s why IN-YACHT has such a strong background and has the quality of a tested and well-structured product.

Focused on efficiency

Of course our product uses data and technology, but it is human capital that is the key to any process, which is why we provide access to an unlimited number of users to encourage the cooperation between as many users as possible on the platform, and of course to eliminate the stress of incurring any unexpected costs.

With this in mind, we have adapted the experience of interacting with the software according to the user who accesses it. Complexity and functionality go hand in hand with the role of the user.

A feature that we care a lot about is cyber security, which is why the code writing has followed a secure programming methodology and the web application relies on Microsoft SQL Server, which makes the IT system secure and reliable.





The combination of experience and an innovative approach.

Our team is driven by one mission: to bring technological innovation to the yachting industry, in order to keep up with new market trends that are seeing the construction of ever larger yachts and increasingly complex systems and procedures.

The design and development part of the technology is handled by our IT department who have strong know-how and excellent resources. Our technical support team is composed of qualified technicians who will help you use the software from the very first stages of installation and will remain at your disposal for a long time to come.

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