Adaptable to different requirements, IN-YACHT meets all requirements.



single vessels

This solution is directly designed for the management of a single vessel. By choosing IN-YACHT, you will facilitate the crew’s routine, control and planning.

In addition, you can always, and from any device, access data and check the performance indicators that we provide to Owners, so as to always have updated feedback on the yacht’s status.

IN-YACHT’s unique model makes it highly scalable and therefore the perfect tool when management has to manage an entire fleet.

Managers will be able to access a secure database where all of the fleet’s information is stored.

The database architecture gives the manager the opportunity to manage and analyze fleet data, in a transversal and integrated way.


new build shipyard

By installing IN-YACHT and using it on board right from the very beginning of the yacht’s life can be a great opportunity not only for the Owner, the captain and crew but also for all other operators, such as shipyards and suppliers.

Storing data right from the start can really help the management of the yacht in the future.

We would be delighted to start working relationships with new build shipyard, absolutely convinced that this would bring value for both parties.

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